EVENT: Nestlé Launches NestLevel Digital


 What is NestLevel Digital ?

NestLevel Digital is a campaign with the goal of attracting top digital talents in the area of e-Business, marketing, data analytics, engineering (automation & robotics) and supply chain globally; focusing on their expertise to innovate Nestlé brands and transform the way Nestlé connect with the consumers, as well as making an impact towards the future.

This event is held for 2 days,  on 27-28 October 2021.

who are the important guests who are the speakers at the event NestLevel Digital

in this event, many large social media and e-commerce companies were present such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, Alibaba, Jumia, and TakeALot.

How long will all the virtual content be available  to view?

Conference materials are accessible for 30 days to all the attendees.

For more FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) you can visit >> https://nestleconnect.vfairs.com/en/#faq

WHY YOU SHOULD  ATTEND NestLevel Digital by Nestlé?

  1. Acquire insights and understand more about digital acceleration through our inspiring Nestlé leaders and industry experts
  2. Mingle and network with our speakers and like-minded individuals in your areas of expertise
  3. Explore careers and find out more about how you can be future-forward with Nestlé!

This event is held on the platform vfairs.com

vFairs is a virtual & hybrid events platform that helps organizations reach global audiences.

The vFairs experience combines easy setup with dedicated end-to-end support so you can create incredible virtual experiences.

Main Source:

  1. https://nestleconnect.vfairs.com/


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